Dermatologists Swear By This Serum To Make Sagging Skin ‘Snap Back’

IDEANEWSINDO.COM - There are many beauty issues you may encounter as your body ages, from thinning hair to dark spots. 

One such issue is sagging skin due to a loss of collagen over time. 

Luckily, there are ways to slow this process and even reverse its effects by tightening your skin—including one serum that  dermatologists say every woman who wants to maintain a youthful glow should have in her skincare routine.

To discover the absolute best serum to prevent and snap back sagging skin, we check in with board-certified dermatologists Dr. Adam Mamelak, MD, and Dr. Rachel Nazarian, MD, FAAD. 

Both agreed on one ingredient you should absolutely add to your rotation if you want your skin to stay tight: Retinol.

How Does Retinol Work To Tighten Skin?

Dr. Mamelak and Dr. Nazarian both agree that retinol is one of the best serums to add to your skincare routine if you want to prevent and solve sagging skin. 

"Products that contain retinol are effective in tightening the skin, especially if they are used consistently over time," Dr. Mamelak says, noting that after using retinol consistently, "you will notice a more even complexion and plumper, healthier looking skin." 

We like the sound of that! But how exactly does this serum work to make your skin firmer and younger-looking than ever? 

It all comes down to the fact that retinol can help stimulate the production of collagen, which is "what makes your skin look plump and retain elasticity," Dr. Mamelak explains. 

A loss of collagen is one of the main reasons we start to experience sagging skin in the first place. 

"When women hit their 40s, hormonal changes start to happen which can lead to a loss of collagen. 

You often see sagging along the jaw line and neck, as well as around the eyes." 

Luckily, adding retinol to your routine can slow the loss of this protein—and may even reverse its effects. 

"This derivative of vitamin A can stimulate the production of new collagen fibers and can restore some of the elasticity and volume to damaged skin," Dr. Nazarian praises. 

Additionally, Dr. Mamelak says that "retinol also destroys free radicals that make your skin age prematurely." 

When your skin is protected from these free radicals, you'll be able to enjoy a more youthful complexion for years to come.

Choosing The Best Retinol Products To Tighten Skin

Adding retinol to your regimen is as simple as investing in a great serum! 

However, it's important to note that just as with any other skincare product, retinol can come with side effects. 

"Retinol can often be a little drying when it's first initiated," Dr. Nazarian warns. 

For this reason, she recommends opting for a serum that combines this ingredient with hydrating ones, such as TruSkin Retinol Serum, which includes green tea extract and hyaluronic acid, "making it calming, anti-inflammatory, and more tolerable, even for sensitive skin."

Overall, retinol is just about the closest we can get to a miracle-working serum for aging skin. 

"I find retinol to be a great prevention tactic, especially when used with a daily sunscreen," Dr. Nazarian says. 

Just remember that if you're looking to reverse sagging skin, results can take time. 

"The repair of these damaged fibers, and improvement in skin sagging, can also be seen, although results will certainly be much more subtle. 

It’s also important to remember that use should be continued in the long term to maintain results," she concludes. Noted!

Writer: By Faith Geiger


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