Flattering Haircut Ideas For Your Hair Texture, According To Hair Experts

IDEANEWSINDO.COM - One of the best parts about styling your hair is that there’s always room for experimentation. 

From long beach waves and curtain bangs, to braided buns and high ponytails, the possibilities are quite endless. 

But if you’re thinking of giving yourself a hair makeover and prefer to keep things safe, you can never go wrong with choosing a haircut that best fits your hair texture.

To learn more, we reached out to Ghanima Abdullah, hair expert and cosmetologist at The Right Hairstyles. 

Read on for her tips and recommendations on how to find the best haircut for you.

Best Haircut For Your Hair Texture

According to Abdullah, “The three different hair textures are fine, medium, and coarse. 

Each refers to the diameter of the hair.” Check out the video below to know more about how to find your true hair type in detail.

Fine haircuts

“Minimum graduation haircuts are perfect for fine hair because they create volume and movement,” Abdullah tells us. 

“Graduated bob haircuts and graduated bixies both look good on fine hair, as do wedge cuts.”

Medium haircuts

Abdullah shares, “You can go for a graduated haircut like an angled bob, or add short layers to give the waves movement and shape in a medium-length haircut. 

You can even go for long hair that’s curled from the mid-length to the tips. Really, the options are endless!”

Coarse haircuts

Lastly, she notes that coarse hair might also be dense. “You can thin it out with long layers and get a beach wave look if your hair is long or medium length. 

Sleek pixie cuts with bangs [will also look great]. (Think Jourdan Dunn!)”

Writer: She Finds Editorial Team

Source: shefinds.com

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