Jello Skin Is The TikTok Skincare Trend Experts Say Actually Works For ‘Plump, Elastic Skin’—We Have To Try It!

IDEANEWSINDO.COM - From gua sha tips for anti-aging to sunscreen advice for optimal skin health, TikTok is often a great place to learn more about skincare. 

‘Jello skin’ is the latest beauty phrase to go viral on the app, with over 25.6 million views, and many credit it to South Korean holistic ‘K-Beauty’ trends.

Jello skin, it seems is promoting a state of mind or necessary attitude to prioritize your skin health, and we checked in with a skincare expert to learn more about what it is and how anyone can benefit from it. 

Read on for tips and suggestions from Melissa Wilson, Director of Education at Woodhouse Spas.

First Off, What is ‘Jello Skin’ And Why Is It So Popular On TikTok?

As seen in many videos from users on TikTok, ‘jello’ skin refers to complexions that are plump, supple, hydrated and clear. 

“The jello skin trend is about skin that has dense collagen and plenty of elastin,” Wilson explains. 

“The collagen matrix acts like scaffolding in the skin while elastin allows for bounce.” 

She says to think of a trampoline, or aplty, jello. “Firm, but pliable, with plenty of juiciness,” she elaborates.

As far as its popularity, Wilson adds that the “concept ties into overall wellness.” 

Jello skin “won’t happen without a healthy diet, full of collagen-promoting foods like dark greens, berries, and healthy fats,” she says, stressing that “proper skincare is always key, but lifestyle is a cornerstone.

While many of us might be realizing it has long been our optimal goal to have what is know as jello skin, what’s most important, Wilson says, is knowing how to practice healthy habits and research skincare products for your skin type…

How Can Someone Obtain Jello Skin?

To achieve jello skin, Wilson says the first important step is to “check your habits.” 

This involves “getting enough sleep, exercise, eating right, and reducing stress,” Wilson adds, as using great skincare products alone without these other important factors will not get that jello skin glow.

“For your skin care regimen, double-cleanse each night, then follow with an essence or water-based serum,” she instructs, adding to “follow with microcurrent technology, like the NuFACE Trinity Pro, or a facial roller.” 

If tools aren’t your thing, Wilson notes that you can still “apply a moisturizer or facial oil and perform a facial massage on yourself.” 

To do this, she says to “simply take the time to use a tool or your hands to manipulate the skin.”

This, she explains, gives many benefits, both physical and mental. “Touch, even self-touch, reduces stress and boosts oxytocin,” she says. 

This also increases “micro-circulation, moving wastes out and nutrients in.” Ultimately, Wilson says, “this all helps to keep skin plump and healthy.”

In addition, by also following with a “collagen-boosting treatment, like a retinol,” you can work up in strength slowly, as Wilson says “too much too soon will give you the opposite of jello skin and leave your skin depleted.” 

In conclusion, it’s vital to “follow with your nighttime moisturizer (one that’s thicker and protective),” to “sleep on a silk pillowcase,” get your “8 hours of sleep and rest” and over time, “your skin will transform.”

Writer: By Marissa Matozzo


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