Nutritionists Say This Is The Healthiest Way To Cook Chicken, Once And For All

IDEANEWSINDO.COM - Whether your goal is to lose weight or just make healthier meal choices, chicken in your diet can provide your body with protein and energy. 

With that said, we reached out to registered nutritionists and other health experts to learn more about one healthy way to cook chicken, and the many benefits it can offer when done regularly. 

Read on for tips and suggestions from Lisa Richards, registered nutritionist and founder of The Candida Diet and Jen Welper, wellness executive chef at the New Mayo Clinic Diet.

Health Benefits of Grilling Chicken 

While steaming and baking chicken can provide a delicious and still satiating meal, Richards and Welper agree that grilling it is often the healthiest way. 

"Chicken is best cooked without unnecessary added calories from oils and other ingredients," Richards explains. 

"Grilled chicken is typically the healthiest method of eating chicken, but you must be mindful to avoid adding fats and high calorie toppings."

After eating grilled chicken, Richards says, "you will be more nourished because you are opting for lean animal protein rather than meat that is high in fat." 

Eating grilled chicken "on a regular basis can replace meats high in saturated fat that can lead to heart disease and other chronic illnesses," she continues.

Welper notes that any ingredients added to your chicken and the "type of cut" matter if your goal is to lose weight, maintain it or just eat healthier. 

"With a boneless, skinless, 4-5 ounce chicken breast, grilled would be ideal," she says. 

"An outdoor grill is not necessary as you can use the cast iron skillets or griddles for this.” 

Grilling chicken, Richards concludes, offers you with the leanest possible choice and far less fat and calories that are in other types of meat. 

"You may feel more satisfied because of the protein content in grilled chicken," she says. 

Protein, she adds, is a "satiating macronutrient that helps the body feel full for longer." 

Overall, she stresses that eating chicken cooked with this method "regularly can lead to less occurences of overeating throughout the day."

Writer: Marissa Matozzo


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