The Worst Fruit Women Over 40 Should Avoid At All Costs—It Ruins Your Metabolism!

IDEANEWSINDO.COM - When you’re trying to lose weight, fruit is always a good idea, right? 

It’s natural, doesn’t include added sugars and helps curb your appetite so you don’t find yourself indulging in extra snacking. 

This is actually a very common misconception. In reality, this might be true for some fruits but not all fruits are created equally.

There are some fruits that can do more harm than good to your metabolism because of their high levels of natural sugars that can spike your blood pressure and slow down digestion. 

When planning healthy snacks, it is important to do all your research because there is in fact one fruit you might want to stop eating altogether if you are trying to lose weight.


Bananas are coveted foods for most dieters because they taste good, and they are rich in essential nutrients like potassium, vitamin B6 and vitamin C. 

But bananas are not as beneficial as they seem when you are trying to lose weight because they are extremely high in both carbs and sugar.

A single banana could have as many as 27 grams of carbs, with 14 of those grams being sugar. 

Bananas are also the fruit with the highest amount of calories, with about 105 calories in a medium-sized banana. 

Eating a banana, especially in the morning, when you are on a diet can slow down your metabolism for the whole day.

Next time you find yourself craving a banana, opt for a grapefruit instead. 

This fruit is very low in calories yet high in essential nutrients and antioxidants, and can aid in weight loss, immune strength and appetite control.

Writer: By Shefinds Health


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