The Worst Ingredient To Add To Your Coffee—It Makes Losing Weight So Much Harder!

IDEANEWSINDO.COM - If, like many people, you rely on a caffeine boost from a cup of joe to get you through your mornings, you likely have some preferences for how you take your coffee. 

Unfortunately, if you’re trying to lose weight, your go-to ingredients could be holding you back. 

In fact, there’s one popular option that health experts say you should avoid at all costs if you want to slim down.

To discover the worst coffee ingredients that are making it harder to lose weight, we spoke to personal trainer and fitness blogger Macy Sarbacker and Functional Nutrition Practitioner Megan Joy Brynok, DN-P, CPT, RDMS, RVT. They both told us that anyone watching their weight should steer clear of high-sugar additions such as flavored creamers.

Sugary Creamer Is Slowing Your Weight Loss

There's no denying that adding delicious creamer to your coffee can make this bitter beverage more bearable for those with a sweet tooth. 

Honestly, who doesn't love a vanilla-flavored drink?! However, health experts warn that loading your morning coffee with sweet ingredients like sugary creamer can be detrimental to your weight loss goals. 

As Sarbacker says, "if you choose to add creamers and flavoring to your coffee, you may be drinking a glorified milkshake!" 

And while a milkshake is certainly tasty, it's not a great option for those looking to shed some pounds.

Sarbacker explains that starting your day with a lot of sugar on an empty stomach will "instantly spike your glucose levels," which can "lead to cravings and binge-eating later in the day." 

Yikes! Brynok agrees: "Piling on the cream and sugar can cause extra calories to stack up and ultimately hinder weight loss goals altogether," she warns, noting that "many of the popular creamers on the market are loaded with sugars, added sugars and empty calories (calories that provide no nutrient value)." 

In fact, Brynol sipping on an ingredient-loaded coffee each morning could put you well over your caloric nutritional needs for the day.

Alternatives To High-Sugar Coffee Ingredients

Okay, so filling your coffee with sugar and cream isn't the best route to take if you're watching your weight. 

This doesn't mean you always have to take your coffee black (although this is definitely the healthiest option), but it is a good idea to lay off the sugary creamers as much as possible. 

"If you want to add creamer and flavorings to your coffee, be mindful about serving sizes and choose options with minimally-added ingredients," Sarbacker says.

Brynok suggests using a natural sweetener like stevia for those who really can't live without a bit of sweetness in their morning joe. 

"Almond milk, oat milk and cinnamon are other simple ways to enjoy coffee without piling on the pounds," she concludes.

Writer: By Faith Geiger


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