These Are The Worst Frozen Breakfast Foods You Have To Stop Buying ASAP, According To Cardiologists

IDEANEWSINDO.COM - Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it’s unfortunately the one we neglect most. 

Whether you’re in a hurry in the morning and skip it altogether or opt for something lacking in nutritional value, not starting the day off with a balanced meal can set you up to feel your worst all day long. 

Also, most popular breakfast foods are packed with sugar and preservatives, which means that you aren’t getting the vitamins and nutrients you need, and are instead consuming empty calories. 

Eating a diet high in sugar and preservatives can lead to a number of long term health issues, including diabetes and heart disease. 

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the United States according to the CDC, which can be attributed to the presence of sugary and processed foods present on the market. 

While things like genetics can increase the likelihood of these conditions, one way you can invest in your long term health is by eating a healthy and balanced diet, and that starts with breakfast.

What is the worst processed food to eat for your heart health to begin with? 

According to Dr. Bargout, a cardiologist at Dignity Health-Glendale Memorial Hospital in Glendale, California, the worst food for your heart health is anything that is high in saturated fat. 

“Food that is rich in saturated fat increases total cholesterol, LDL, and lipoprotein (Lp)a.” He says. 

Cholesterol is found in your blood and is necessary for promoting the growth of healthy cells. 

But, if there is too much of the waxy substance in your bloodstream, it can prevent blood from pumping efficiently. 

Excessive amounts of cholesterol are directly linked to a higher risk of heart-related illness.

Avoid Processed Meat

Processed meat is especially high in saturated fat, specifically pork. 

“Pork is loaded with saturated fat—leading to cardiovascular problems, high cholesterol, weight gain and more.” Adds Caitlin Policastro, a nurse practitioner at the New York Center for Innovative Medicine. 

Weight gain and high cholesterol are two things that can increase the likelihood of heart-related illness, so being mindful of how much pork you’re consuming is essential, especially if you are already at risk due to genetics or pre-existing conditions.

Pork sausage is a breakfast staple in many dishes, and is often included in scrambles, omelets, and breakfast sandwiches. 

While preparing breakfast featuring pork sausage yourself is one way you can control what goes into it, buying pre-packaged breakfasts, especially pre-made frozen breakfast sandwiches or breakfast bowls, may mean you’re getting extra saturated fats, preservatives, and sugars that Dr. Bargout and Policastro say should be avoided. 

While you don’t have to cut out your favorite breakfast foods altogether, you should consider making adjustments—for instance, try making your own breakfast sandwiches and include a healthier alternative like turkey sausage instead.

A balanced, healthy lifestyle starts with a fulfilling diet that is packed with nutrients. This also means paying attention to ingredient labels, and avoiding heavily processed, pre-packaged breakfast foods. If you are trying to be extra mindful of your heart health, you should avoid meats high in saturated fat, specifically pork, when possible.


Author: Olivia Avitt

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