This Is The Safest Way To Use Public Wifi, According To Security Experts

IDEANEWSINDO.COM - In an ideal world you’d never have to use public wifi. You could carry around your own personal wifi network wherever you roam. 

Of course, that isn’t possible and there are going to be times when you want to search for something, look up directions, or work on projects when you’re far from home. 

So, what’s the best way to navigate using public wifi without the risks that come along with public connections? 

This is the safest way to use public wifi, according to security experts.

Use a VPN

A VPN is the best and safest way to surf on public networks, according to Tech Expert Michael Aphelion, marketing manager at The Spreadsheet Page. 

“A VPN is a tool that helps people keep their personal information secure when connected to public networks,” Aphelion says. 

“They encrypt your data traffic by acting as a protected tunnel between you and the server.”

Keeping your data secure while using public wifi is a huge task, especially if you already understand the massive privacy issues that public wifi connections come with, says Katy Smith, product manager at Airgram.

“The best way to keep safe when it comes to public wi-fi is to stay off them as much as possible but that’s not so possible when you consider the fact that public Wi-Fi may be the only accessible internet connection in some instances,” Smith says. 

“Using VPN’s, ensuring that you only keep to HTTPs websites, and keeping your firewall on at all times are the three must-do things if you have to use public wifi.”

Smith says she always uses a VPN when connecting to the internet via public Wi-Fi because it helps her mask her IP address. 

“The ability to hide where you are accessing the internet from is a crucial thing if you want to remain anonymous,” Smith says. 

“Having a privacy-focused VPN is important when you frequently use public Wi-Fi connections.” 

Aside from VPNs, one also needs to live on the golden rules of internet security and online privacy, Smith reminds us. 

“Browsing secure sites and ensuring that you don't share any private data are still the most effective ways to browse on any internet connection, not just public Wi-Fi,” Smith says. 

If you must use public wifi, make sure you’re taking as many steps as needed to keep yourself and your data protected.

Writer: By Lisa Cupido


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