3 Easy Keys To Getting Beautiful Summer Fingernails and Toenails

IDEANEWSINDO.COM - Exposure to the season’s harsh elements can leave fingernails and toenails looking worse for the wear. 

To the rescue: these nail care tips that keep cuticles in tip-top shape all summer long!

To prevent yellowing swipe a UV-blocking top coat.

Swipe a UV-blocking top coat, like Zoya Armor Top Coat (Buy from Zoya.com, $12), overall nails before heading for a day outdoors. 

Polymers in the sheer polish create an invisible barrier over nails, preventing them from taking on an unsightly yellow hue after time spent in the sun.

To sidestep fungus lightly spritz with this spray.

Before slipping on any shoes, lightly spritz feet with a baking soda foot spray, like Arm & Hammer Invisible Spray Foot Powder (Buy from Target, $6.99). 

The absorbent powder sops up moisture on feet, which can create a breeding ground for fungus within toenails. 

Bonus: It also eliminates odor-causing bacteria, so feet will smell fresh all day long!

To protect cuticles apply this oil.

Planning on going for a swim in the ocean or a pool? Apply a cuticle oil made with vitamin E and sunflower oil, like Mineral Fusion Cuticle Oil Treatment (Buy from MineralFusion.com, $9.99), beforehand. 

The oil’s vitamin E creates a won’t-wash-off shield that wards off salt or chlorine damage, while sunflower oil’s fatty acids retain moisture to keep delicate cuticle skin from becoming dry or rigid.

Writer: By Cameron Jones

Source: firstforwomen.com

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