Best Beach Chairs of Summer 2022

IDEANEWSINDO.COM - Don’t let a rusty, collapsing lounge chair ruin your nap under the sun. 

Whether you want to stick your toes in the sand or keep them out entirely, upgrade your vacation relaxation with these durable, comfortable beach chairs. 

The vacation is here, the sunscreen is on, the beer is cold—the only thing standing between you and falling asleep under the sun is a great beach chair.

Most of us grab whatever’s at the local store—something cheap and easy to pack. 

But once you’ve hauled a heavy metal lounger, had one collapse when you sink into it, or fought a chair to lay flat, you know there’s merit to investing in a reliable rig.

The best beach chairs have adjustable positions for when you want to read versus sunbathe; are lightweight for easy carrying; durable to support your weight; and ideally have pockets, cup holders, and maybe even a cooler bag to hold all your beach-bound essentials.

We’ve rounded up the top picks for every style of beach chair—from basic sit-in-the-sand seats to tri-fold loungers that’ll let you nap on your stomach comfortably—at every price point.

1. Tommy Bahama 5-Position Classic Beach Chair

This classic beach chair has it all: It can easily be adjusted to five sitting positions, including lying flat; has a soft, contoured pillow for your head; features a cup holder and mesh pouch for small items; and folds down to reveal backpack straps for easy transport to and from the car. 

The only thing it doesn’t come with is an ocean-side piña colada (although it does have a cooler bag if you want to bring your own).

2. Neso Beach Chair

With durable outdoor brand Neso behind this chair, you know you’re getting quality in this no-frills design. 

This chair sits low to the sand in a stable frame made of rustproof aluminum. The chair itself is covered with water-resistant canvas so it won’t hold water when you sit back down after a dip in the ocean. 

Weighing in at under 5 pounds, this chair folds flat and has straps for easy transport. Plus, it has storage pockets on the back for snacks and sunscreen.

3. GYMAX Folding Chaise Longue

For the sun dog who’ll be out all day, this full lounger offers every position for maximum comfort. 

The GYMAX lounge breaks down small with attached handles for easy transport, then unfolds into a full-body lounger so your legs can be propped up out of the sand. 

The back of the chair can be adjusted from flat to sitting up for reading. It even has an adjustable canopy sun shade to shield your face when you’re toasted.

4. Eddie Bauer Backpack Chair

This chair will keep you relaxed sitting at camp or at the ocean. You can adjust the chair to five different positions (it goes nearly flat, but not all the way), and rest your head on the attached pillow. 

This chair comes with backpack straps for easy carrying and even has a six-can cooler below the seat so a frosty beer is always within reach.

5. Sunday Supply Co. Beach Chair

Small, boutique brand Sunday Supply Co. makes high-quality, thoughtfully designed, printed beach gear, and this fixed-recline chair is a winner. 

It sits comfortably low to the ground for max relaxation and has a foam-padded cushion. 

The slip covers are fast-drying, fade-resistant, and machine-washable. And, with an aluminum alloy frame, this chair is super lightweight to haul down the boardwalk to the beach.

6. SunnyLife Lounger Chair

Score all the comfort of a plush daybed with the full relaxation of sitting on the sand. 

A hidden, foldable stainless-steel frame gives this giant cushion structure so you can adjust it six ways, including sitting up with back support to read or lying flat to sunbathe. 

The cushion is comfier than any basic beach chair, and it’s made with 300D polyester, a water- and fade-resistant material. Plus, this baby comes with its own carry bag for easy hauling.

7. Rio Beach Folding Beach Lounge Chair

This simple design keeps your entire body elevated off the sand (and water), and the head is adjustable to move from sitting to reclining to lying flat.

While you’re forgoing arm rests, this chair has a large storage pouch to keep your essentials safe and dry, and has arm straps for easy carrying.

8. Ostrich 3-N-1 Beach Chair

If you value versatility in your lounging options, the Ostrich trifold is for you. 

This 3-in-1 chair allows you to sit any which way, with five adjustable levels for your back and three for your feet, including fully flat. 

It’s unique, patented design includes a face pillow and arm holes to make lying on your stomach more comfortable. 

The face pillow doubles as a headrest when you’re sunning your front. The chair sits 12 inches off the ground so it’s easy to get in and out of, and will keep you dry if you like to keep your feet in the surf break.

9. MacSports Beach Foldable Lounge Chair Cart

This brilliant lounger folds into a spacious cart so you can pile in up to 100 pounds of toys, umbrellas, towels, and snacks—then wheel it over the boardwalk with ease. 

When you get to the beach, unload and unfold. This chair offers four lying positions, including feet supported, and even has a pillow head rest.

Writer: by Rachael Schultz


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