Game-Day Grub: Best Food to Order at Major League Baseball Stadiums

IDEANEWSINDO.COM - The baseball game is the main attraction—but the food stalls in some major league stadiums? 

They’re knocking it out of the park these days with big-name chefs opening outposts and concessionaires getting ultra-creative. 

The best food at baseball stadiums goes far beyond peanuts and Cracker Jack, burgers, and hot dogs.

These MLB parks are serving interesting, elevated ball game fare, from alligator corn dogs to kimchi pierogies. 

The following eight major league stadiums—and one bonus minor league ballpark—would inspire any baseball fan do a concession food crawl between innings. Here’s where to find the best food at baseball stadiums.

Game-Day Grub: Best Food to Order at Baseball Stadiums

1. Yankee Stadium: All Rise Chili Cheese Fries

Location: Bronx, New York City

Home Team: New York Yankees

New to Yankee Stadium for the 2022 season are gyro carts from The Halal Guys, sushi burritos from Benihana, and the Bronx Bomber milkshake garnished with a fun-sized Baby Ruth candy bar. 

Streetbird is also enjoying a rookie season in Yankee Stadium, with Iron Chef Marcus Samuelsson bringing his spicy chicken sandwiches to fans. 

Our must-try fave—Streetbird’s chili cheese fries (shown above)—are a diplomatic mix of French fries and sweet potato fries and generously topped with chicken chili, jalapeños, and crispy onions.

2. Global Life Field: Alligator Corn Dog

Location: Arlington, TX

Home Team: Texas Rangers

Game day grub is spiced up with loads of southern influence at Global Life Field, where hot dogs are cradled in cornbread buns and topped with Texas chili and you can get nachos topped with mac n’ cheese. 

We double dog dare you to try the Alligator Corn Dog that’s made with gator andouille sausage, dipped in corn dog batter, and fried to a crispy, golden brown. 

Not everything here requires packing antacid. The stadium has vegan bratwursts and local restaurants do pop-ups.

3. PNC Park: Burgh Katsu

Location: Pittsburgh 

Home Team: Pittsburgh Pirates

Psst, if you’re a traveling fan in Pittsburgh, the right way to eat a sandwich is with french fries stuffed between the bread. 

Before the game, stop at Pittsburgh institution Primanti Bros. for sandwiches stacked with deli meats, cheeses, french fries and coleslaw. 

A must-try at PNC Park is the Burgh Katsu, which includes cucumber kimchi, mini pierogies, fried ham, and hoisin aioli on a hoagie roll.

4. Petco Park: Barrio Dogg

Location: San Diego

Home Team: San Diego Padres

Focusing less on gimmicky foods and more on delicious eats, baseball fans are treated to tacos, burgers, sushi, dumplings, pizza, acai bowls, paletas (Mexican-style frozen treats), and more than 90 local and craft beer offerings. 

Some favorites are Seaside Market Burgundy Pepper Tri-Tip Nachos and the Hot Hen sandwich at San Diego’s Finest Hot Chicken with Fresno chili slaw, made exclusively for Petco Park. 

Hot dog lovers will want to seek out Barrio Dogg’s stand. The beloved Barrio Logan neighborhood hot dog restaurant serves dogs like ““El Xolito,” which is topped with red onion, roma tomatoes, fresh chopped jalapeno, cilantro, crunchy garlic, grilled onion, cheddar cheese, and sauced with a drizzle of sour cream, salsa verde, and sriracha aioli.

5. Busch Stadium: Nonna’s Italian Beef Sandwich

Location: St. Louis

Home Team: St. Louis Cardinals

Bacon-wrapped hot dogs, brisket sandwiches slathered in horseradish sauce, and pastrami sandwiches are among the fan favorites at Busch Stadium. 

The Nonna’s Italian Beef Sandwich is a hoagie-style sammy with shaved prime rib that’s grilled and seasoned with Italian spices and then topped with melted provolone and served on an eggy bun. 

St. Louis-style barbecue, soft serve ice cream served in Cardinals helmets, and tater tots with white cheddar cheese are other Busch Stadium staples.

6. Wrigley Field: The Tater Twist

Location: Chicago

Home Team: Chicago Cubs

Tradition reigns in Wrigley Field. Here you can snack on Home Run Inn Pizza, which is the official pizza partner of the Chicago Cubs, and Chicago dogs—hold the ketchup. 

Joining the Wrigley regulars this year is a newcomer, The Tater Twist, which is a crispy spiralized potato that’s like a cross of hasselback potatoes and french fries. Dunk this spud in a tangy dill pickle dip and you’re golden.

7. Fenway Park: Grillo's Pickles

Location: Boston 

Home Team: Boston Red Sox

Boston-based Grillo’s Pickles is the official pickle of the Boston Red Sox. Sox fans can snack on crunchy dill pickles or order pickle-inspired dishes like a burger made with a Bloody Mary aioli that’s sandwiched on a toasted King’s Hawaiian bun and served with a skewer of pickle spears and sliced salami. 

Lobster rolls and clam chowder are also an option. MingsBings, created by James Beard Award-Winner Chef Ming Tsa, is where you’ll find plant-based Chinese flatbread pockets.

8. Coors Field: Elvis Shake

Location: Denver

Home Team: Colorado Rockies

You’re in Coors Field—you know what to do with your beer order. But if you’ve got a sweet tooth during the 7th inning stretch, grab a boozy Elvis Shake from the Helton Burger Shack. 

It’s blended with crème de banana, soft serve ice cream, peanut butter sauce and topped with Cracker Jack and candied bacon.

9. First Horizon Park: Nachos

Location: Nashville. TN

Home Team: Nashville Sounds

For the casual baseball fan, First Horizon Park is a fun place to be on game night—there’s a mini golf course inside the stadium called The Country Club, where each hole is curated by a local artist. 

The Band Box is the perfect place to grab gussied up game fare and has plush couch seating where you can sip Jack and Coke slushies and snack on nachos topped with smoked chicken, jalapeño queso, sweet corn pico de gallo, and cilantro crema. 

The Band Box Dog is a dressed up hot dog topped with pimento cheese, potato chips, pickled onion, and served on a steamed Martin’s Potato Bun. Quinoa kale salads and Beyond Meat hot Italian sausage are also on the menu.

Writer: by Brittany Anas


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