Head on Down to Miami This May to Experience the CARBONE BEACH Supper Club

IDEANEWSINDO.COM - Now that the Spring is here, there is no better time to Miami than right now. 

Not just because the weather is going to be even more appealing than ever, but because there is going to be quite the event from May 5th to May 8th of 2022. And that event is the CARBONE BEACH Supper Club.

The CARBONE BEACH Supper Club is going to be quite the event to take part in. It’s being thrown by the Major Food Group (MFG) in Tandem with American Express. 

An event that is exclusive to American Express Members, as only 200 tickets are available per day. 

And even at a cost of $3,000 a ticket, the event is already close to being sold out. So you know that this is a ticket for an event that is scorching hot.

This event is going to be something to behold for all those lucky enough to partake. 

Amazing Italian food from celebrity chef Mario Carbone from the restaurant that has locations in New York, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, and Miami. But that’s not all. As there will be live entertainment every night.

Being able to enjoy the unbelievable Italian Food that has taken the world by storm since the first location opened in New York City almost 10 years ago is one thing. 

But being able to do so on the streets of Miami with live entertainment keeping you high on life is something you just can’t beat.

To get a better sense of what this event is and how it came about, you can read this interview with MFG Co-Founder Jeff Zalaznick below.

You’ve done amazing things all over the world, what’s so appealing about F1 Miami for you?

Not only is F1 going to mark a true milestone occasion for South Florida, but on a global scale, F1 reigns at the top level in its category. 

We see F1 evolving into an annual flagship event for Miami, and we’re excited to be at the forefront. We are also excited to have American Express as our partner for this event.

Can you tease any of the performers guests can expect?

The element of surprise is key for a truly remarkable evening; so unfortunately I can’t reveal that. 

What I can say is that guests won’t leave disappointed and it will be a series of truly memorable evenings.

How hard will it be to reserve a table at Carbone Beach?

After launching yesterday, the event is already close to being sold out.

Will this event take place in any other locations in the future?

Most definitely. This is just the beginning.

What will be on the menu at Carbone Beach?

Classic CARBONE signature dishes with an additional emphasis on special unique dishes and luxury ingredients. 

Incredible cocktails, beautiful wines. Over the top indulgence.

You represent some of the hottest spots in the world. How will you translate what you do in the restaurant to an event like this?

That’s the whole point. We are going to bring that same level of quality, energy, and excellence to CARBONE BEACH. 

We have never seen something like this done before and we are excited to be at the forefront of this idea.

Explain what will make Carbone Beach so special

There will be nothing else like it.

Your restaurants are visited consistently by some of the top names in entertainment and business. Who can we expect to see at Carbone Beach?

I think it will be the more international version of the same fabulous group of special individuals you find at our restaurants every night.

Writer: by Tom Lorenzo

Source: mensjournal.com

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