How to Make Money Without Ever Leaving Your Backyard

IDEANEWSINDO.COM - These two women learned you can make money from home in the most unique (and easy!) ways, with resources you already have.

“I earn up to $75 for each garden photo I take!”

“As an avid gardener, my yard is packed with plants, flowers and vegetables. 

I’m also passionate about photography and take photos of everything I grow in my garden, as well as animals, birds and even peacocks that come through my yard. 

When a friend told me about, a stock photography site where you can sell your photos, I decided to give it a try. 

“All I had to do was create a profile on the site and submit 10 photos, along with search keywords so people could find them. 

Shutterstock approved seven to be listed for sale. At first, I made a small amount of money, but when I hit thresholds like $500 and $3,000, I moved up a level and made more. 

I can also make more money when people purchase photos under different types of plans, such as when a client needs an image for mass production (reproduced more than 250,000 times). 

The pay varies, but I’ve made up to $75 per photo. The money I make is invested for my grandson’s education.

“I try to upload five to six images a week. It’s so exciting to see photos I’ve sold in books, magazines and online. 

I even once found one framed on the wall of a hotel I was staying at!”

“I make $600 a month selling goat-milk skin care!”

“In 2013, I left my job as a probation officer after suffering a back injury. We had turned our property into a farm/homestead, which includes goats whose milk we used as an alternative to cow’s milk. 

I had an abundance of the milk and started to freeze it. Goat’s milk contains lactic acid, vitamin A and other minerals, making it extremely soothing for dry skin and eczema, so I decided to make soap and lotion from the extra milk and sell it! 

“I researched how to make the products, then experimented until I landed on a recipe using the milk (store-bought goat’s milk, even in powdered form, works just as well), coconut oil and essential oils. 

Next, I set up a website ( and hired vendors like Bulk Apothecary for the packaging. 

My first customers were family and friends, but the business grew when I started to sell to shops and use Facebook and Instagram to market it.

“The soap and hand cream retail for $7–$10, and I make up to $8,000 a year — money that goes back into the business and pays for extras like raised garden beds. 

Best of all, I have a flexible schedule so I can be home for my children and care for our environment and the animals that provide for us.”

Writer: By Editorial Staff


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