Nutritionists Say You Should Be Breaking These 4 Habits To Boost Your Metabolism Over 40

IDEANEWSINDO.COM - When it comes to losing weight, we often hear the same things—eat well, exercise, get enough sleep. 

But there can be a lot of external factors that may make it harder, if not impossible, to maintain or lose weight. 

The functioning of your metabolism can play a big role in whether or not you’re able to see results. Your metabolism refers to the process by which your body turns food and drink you digest into energy.

If your metabolism isn’t working how it should, it may reduce your body’s ability to burn calories—this can make weight loss particularly hard because being in a calorie deficit is necessary for this to occur. 

Lots of things can impact your metabolism—from stress to genetics, and even your age. This is why, as you get older, it’s important to lead a lifestyle that supports a healthy metabolism.

Why can your metabolism’s functionality wane as you age?

“Losing muscle, which is common as you age, can affect [your metabolism]. [Muscle mass] helps keep your metabolism revved up,” says Lisa Young, PhD, a nutritionist in private practice. 

She adds, “Limiting exercise can also slow down your metabolism as can yo-yo diets and severe calorie restriction.”

It may be tempting to try intense diets that promise quick results, but this is counterintuitive if your goal is lasting weight loss. 

Young shared with us her favorite tips for maintaining a diet that will keep your metabolism strong.

Skip the Soda

According to Young, “Sugary beverages have been linked to weight gain, obesity, and diabetes, and the over 40 crowd needs to be more careful to watch weight and sugar as the pounds creep on as you age.

Sugary drinks, also dubbed liquid calories, can contribute to poor health and weight gain. Because you aren’t chewing, it’s easier to drink too much quickly without registering signals of fullness.” 

Limit Oversized Portions

“Large portions contain more calories than small portions and encourage us to eat more. The over 40 crowd needs to watch calories and portions more closely," Young tells us.

Being a Couch Potato

Additionally, Young clarifies, “It is very important if you are over 40 to partake in an exercise routine to help keep your metabolism revved up and to avoid weight gain.”

Limit Late Night Eating

“When we eat late at night, we tend to eat junk food and we don’t have time to burn the calories making it easier to gain weight. Limit the ultra processed foods late at night and if you must have something, enjoy fresh fruit.”

Author: Olivia Avitt


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