3 Life-Changing Exercises Trainers Swear By For Toning Up Stomach And Back Fat Over 40

- Exercising at any age is crucial for your wellbeing, overall health, and can also help you tone your body and lose weight. 

If you’re looking to target your midsection, stomach and back fat specifically over 40, we found three TikTok-trendy and easy chair exercises. 

Let’s be real: Once you start scrolling on TikTok, it’s hard to stop. 

The social media app has an extremely wide range of content and we definitely don’t blame you if you fall down the rabbit hole. 

Trust us, it’s absolutely okay because we’re guilty of doing it too. 

From makeup tutorials and product reviews, to easy recipes and basic life hacks, there’s definitely a video or two out there that will catch your attention. 

As a matter of fact, we recently came across a few interesting health-related TikToks that you might be interested in. Introducing, chair exercises.

Led by motivational speaker, yoga instructor, and confidence coach Cheri Schultz, these workouts target different parts of your body. 

From strengthening your core to increasing your hip mobility, Schultz’s chair and standing exercises and chair yoga and floor stretches have got you covered.

Want to tone your stomach and get rid of back fat? She’s got an exercise for that too. Watch the video below.

Author: Louise Ferrer

S: shefinds

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