Nutritionists Say You Should Be Eating These Fruits Every Day Over 40—They Reduce Bloating!

- Nothing puts a damper on your day like a gas and digestive issues. 

Whether you’re struggling to fit into your jeans or just feel straight up uncomfortable, a bloated stomach is always frustrating. 

Luckily, switching up your diet by cutting out certain bloat-causing foods and adding in some gut-healthy alternatives is one great way to keep the problem at bay. 

In fact, there are a few fruits you can eat every morning to beat bloating.

To discover the best options out there, we spoke to health experts Trista Best, MPH, RD; Lisa Richards, nutritionist and creator of The Candida Diet; and Susan Bowerman, M.S., R.D. They pointed us towards bananas and berries—yum!


Whether you like them on toast with peanut butter or prefer to eat them plain, bananas make for a fantastic bloat-fighting breakfast or snack. 

In fact, Richards says they're one of the best fruits for the job thanks to the fact that they're "rich in specific nutrients that help eliminate water retention, inflammation, and ultimately bloat." 

You probably know of one in particular—bananas are one of the first things that pop into people's heads when they think of the nutrient. 

"Bananas are rich in potassium which helps to regulate sodium and prevent water retention," Richards tells us.

Best agrees that they're one of the best fruits for anyone looking to beat chronic bloating because they're "naturally anti-inflammatory" and are packed with plant compounds and phytonutrients that "work to reduce inflammation in the body which removes stress from the uterus and surrounding muscles." 

Plus, most of us can agree that they taste great too, as an added bonus.


If bananas aren't your thing, there's another "B" fruit that may be the right fit for your taste buds and your gut: berries. 

Bowerman cites berries of all kinds as a great food to kick bloating to the curb, noting that they're a "great choice because they are some of the highest fiber fruits." 

They can pack in all of that fiber while keeping your calorie count low. 

Just take your pick! She tells us that a cup of raspberries will give you 8 grams of fiber at 64 calories, blackberries will bring in 5 grams for just 43 calories, and strawberries offer 3.5 grams for 50 calories. 

Not bad at all! This fruit is especially helpful when it comes to gut health, but all that fiber is essential to any diet. 

As Bowerman notes, "Considering that most people eat less than half of the recommended 25-38 grams of fiber a day, berries can help to meet needs."

Luckily, there's a plethora of ways to fit this gut-healthy ingredient into your diet. "[Berries] can be added to cold or hot cooked cereals, yogurt, protein shakes or used to top whole grain pancakes or waffles.
Another delicious way to enjoy them is to top a slice of whole grain toast with nut butter, then add sliced or crushed berries," Bowerman suggests. 

Sounds delicious! And if you're really feeling crazy, why not throw banana into the mix too? You'll be on your way to a bloat-free day!

Author: Faith Geiger


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