Nutritionists Say You Should Be Eating These Carbs Every Day—They Reduce Bloating!

- A lot of carbohydrates get a bad rap, when it comes to bloating, stomach pain and weight gain. 

It’s important to note, experts tell us, that there are two types of this macronutrient: simple (associated with processed foods) and complex (healthy and fiber-rich). 

We checked in with registered nutritionists and other health experts to learn more about the latter, and two foods you can eat every day for a healthy source of carbs, fiber and promote optimal gut health all the while.

Read on for tips, suggestions and insight from  Lisa Richards, registered nutritionist and creator of The Candida Diet, Jay Cowin, NNCP, RNT, RNC, CHN, CSNA, registered nutritionist and Director of Formulations at ASYSTEM, and Stephanie Wells, MS, RD, LD, ACSM-CPT, registered dietitian and owner of Thyme to Go Vegan Nutrition Services.


Quinoa is one gut-healthy option that you can add to many dishes for its anti-inflammatory properties, and Richards dubs it to be an essential "plant-based complete protein."  

A vital tip for a gut-healthy diet with carbs and losing weight, Richards says, is knowing the difference between the types of carbs you consume. 

"Opposed to popular belief among health and fitness enthusiasts, carbs are not the enemy to weight loss," she explains, "In fact, the body requires carbs as its primary source of fuel. 

It is the quality of carbohydrates and how they are prepared that can make weight loss difficult."

"Simple carbohydrates include carbs from processed and refined foods like convenience snacks," she continues. 

Richards also notes that the simple ones are considered "bad carbs, but also come from milk and some fruits." 

This form of carbohydrate, she goes on, is "broken down quickly and used immediately by the body for energy." 

Complex carbohydrates, on the other hand, are considered "good and include whole grains like oats and plant-based carbs like quinoa are more nutrient-dense," Richards stresses. 

Ultimately, this food can "offer the body more than a quick glucose spike and stored fat," she points out, as the fiber content of whole grains alone will help you not only reach your weight loss goals, but promote gut health.

Sweet Potato

Unlike other types of this carb source/ vegetable, Cowin says, sweet potatoes are "a great alternative because they are low in calories and high in fiber." 

According to the USDA, he cites, "one large sweet potato only has 162 calories, and air frying them makes them way healthier, too, since you won't need oil to cook them." 

When it comes to your gut health, some might find potatoes to be soothing, and others may be irritated, as many experts note that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to preventing bloating.

Starchy sweet potatoes, Wells adds, provide essential fiber for smoother digestion, and "antioxidants, in addition to their energy-providing carbohydrates." 

This foods can "help keep you full for longer throughout the day," she concludes, which can help your gut and ability to lose weight in the long run, as well.

Author: Marissa Matozzo


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