The One Fruit You Should Be Eating Daily For A Stronger Immune System And Weight Loss This Fall

- Cold and flu season is dawning on us, which means it’s time to get our immune systems into gear. 

While there are many ways to maintain a healthy immune system, such as getting ample rest, regular exercise, hydration, and even certain supplements, one of the most important things is to maintain a healthy diet. 

In fact, certain foods are packed with nutrients that can help your body stay healthier than ever—including one tasty fruit.

To discover one of the best fruits you can eat daily this fall in order to keep your immune system running in tip-top shape, we spoke to Dr. Daniel Boyer, MD of Farr Institute. 

He told us all about why you should consider eating an apple a day to keep the doctor away—and why Honeycrisp apples, in particular, are one of the best options. Read on to learn more!

Honeycrisp apples

When it comes to apples, it's hard to think of a variety that's much tastier than the ever-popular Honeycrisp. 

As Dr. Boyer, notes these apples "are known for their sweet flavor and crisp texture," making them a perfect fall snack. 

But as it turns out, they're more than that; he says Honeycrisps are "nutrient-dense fruits that can keep your body healthy from the inside out." Perfect! Let's get into just a few of the health benefits below.

Honeycrisp apples help boost immunity

If you're looking to give your immune system a boost this fall and keep your body protected from infections as we move into the colder months, one of the best things you can do is up your vitamin C intake. 

And while citrus fruits like oranges and lemons are usually the go-to option for this vitamin, Dr. Boyer says that Honeycrisp apples can also help you get your daily dose.

"Honeycrisp apples contain high amounts of vitamin C, which is an important antioxidant that helps fight off infections and contributes to healthy immune function," he says.

Honeycrisp apples aid gut health and weight loss

The benefits of this naturally sweet treat don't stop at your immune system! In addition to all the vitamin C they offer, Dr. Boyer notes that this fruit is also "abundant in fiber, which can help keep your gastrointestinal tract healthy and functioning properly."

Fiber is also one of the most important nutrients when it comes to weight loss, as high-fiber snacks like apples will help you stay fuller longer and avoid over-eating later in the day. 

But there are also a few more reasons Honeycrisp apples can help you on your weight loss journey: "Honeycrisp contains a compound called chlorogenic acid which aids in weight loss." 

Additionally, the low-sugar content makes them a great weight loss snack.

Ways to eat Honeycrisp apples

Looking to work this nutritious fruit into your diet? There are so many ways to do it! Of course, eating Honeycrisp apples raw is always a great option—and they're sweet enough to be enjoyed completely on their own! However, Dr. Boyer notes that you may also want to add them to smoothies, toss them in your salads, or bake them into a healthy sweet treat.

No matter how you enjoy them, one thing's for sure: "Honeycrisp apples can be an excellent addition to our diets while we are fighting off a cold or flu," he concludes.

Author: Faith Geiger


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