The One Underrated Fruit Health Experts Swear By For Better Digestion And Weight Loss

- Gut health and weight loss go hand in hand. 

That means if you want to slim down, it’s important to prioritize healthy digestion—and a big part of that comes down to your daily diet. 

There are tons of foods out there that could wreak havoc on your gut microbiome, but luckily, there are also so many gut-healthy options that can have your body feeling better than ever when eaten regularly. 

In fact, there’s one tasty, unexpected fruit that can do wonders for both your digestion and your waistline: apricots.

To learn more about why apricots are such an underrated snack when it comes to weight loss and digestive health, we spoke to nutritionist Lisa Richards, creator of The Candida Diet. 

She broke down all the benefits of this fibrous fruit and even gave us her best tips and tricks for working it into your diet. Find all of her expert insight below!


When you think of the best snacks for weight loss, apricots likely don't pop into your head right away. 

As Richards notes, these fruits don't frequently get credit for their waist-slimming benefits—but she calls them a "powerhouse fruit," because not only are they low-calorie, but they're also high in protein. 

What more could you want from a healthy snack that can aid your weight loss?!

"The protein [apricots] provide will aid satiety while the low caloric density helps to prevent overeating on calories," Richards explains. 

That means you can satisfy your sweet tooth without having to worry about chowing down too much, because you'll get full quite quickly from all the protein, and stay fuller for longer as well.

In addition to protein, this fruit a packs in a great amount of both soluble and insoluble dietary fiber, which is great for digestion—and for boosting your metabolism for even faster weight loss. 

Score! All that fiber comes from both the skin and the flesh of apricots; it's really loaded with the stuff, and your gut will love it.

Luckily, fitting this food into your diet is easy as pie, thanks to the fact that apricots are so versatile. 

Richards says they can be "easily added to most meals and snacks. They can increase the protein and fiber in a snack, such as yogurt, which is an excellent low calorie option." Yum!

There's one more important thing to keep in mind, though: whenever possible, choose fresh apricot over a dried variety. 

This is because dried apricots have more calories in them, so, as Richards notes, "If your goal is weight loss then fresh apricots would be a better option." Got it!

Author: Faith Geiger


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