The Surprising Fruit Dietitians Say Boosts Your Metabolism For A Flatter Belly

- Fruit is an essential part of any healthy diet, but they’re especially beneficial for anyone looking to lose a few pounds. 

From smoothies to parfaits to bowls of oatmeal, adding fruit to your meals is a great way to get essential nutrients like fiber and vitamins—and some can even help boost your metabolism so you can burn those calories faster than ever. 

And while you may find yourself returning to the same fruits again and again, there’s a whole myriad of healthy, delicious options out there just waiting to be added to your fruit bowl, including one you may not have thought of before.

To uncover one of the best lesser-appreciated fruits for weight loss, we spoke to Nutritionist Lisa Richards, creator of The Candida Diet. 

She told us that blood orange is one option that should be on your radar. 

Learn more about this incredible fruit and how it can help you slim down below!

Blood Orange

When you think of healthy, weight-loss friendly fruits, you may think of options like high-fiber apples and berries, citrusy grapefruit, or a filling banana. 

But how often do you consider the benefits of a nice, juicy blood orange? According to Richards, this is actually one of the best metabolism-boosting fruits out there—which is great, because it tastes amazing, too!

Many of the health benefits of blood orange are thanks to the fact that they pack in a great amount of nutrients. 

"Blood oranges are rich in important nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin A, and antioxidants," Richards lists. 

She explains that these antioxidants are beneficial for your overall health and "known to help prevent chronic diseases common in the West like cancer, heart disease, and obesity." 

In fact, the fruit gets its iconic color and flavor from compounds known as flavonoids, which offer a number of advantages, including protection from heart disease.

woman cutting blood orangesShutterstock
Vitamin A, in particular, "supports immune function, is essential for eye health, and can reduce the risk of acne and certain cancers," Richards notes. 

And while it may not seem like these factors have much to do with weight loss, they can actually play a major role in your progress. 

"Reducing inflammation in the body is also a way to increase metabolism as the body is able to operate more efficiently in most, if not all, areas," she explains. 

So, if you ever get bored of that apple you eat every day to keep the doctor away, or your strawberry-banana smoothies just aren't doing it for you anymore, you know what to do: reach for a flavor-filled, metabolism-boosting blood orange. 

When combined with a great exercise routine, you'll be on track for a flatter belly!

Author: Faith Geiger


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