These Are The Best Veggies To Eat Every Day To Beat Bloating Over 40, Experts Say

- There’s nothing worse than dealing with a bloated stomach. Okay, a few things are worse—but still, bloating is definitely frustrating to experience, especially when it becomes chronic. 

Whether it’s the result of a particular vegetable you ate, a carbonated drink, or just too much fiber at once, there are several reasons you could have this issue on your hands. 

Luckily, just as your diet can cause the problem, it can also help to solve it. In fact, there are a few vegetables health experts say you can eat every day in order to keep bloating at bay.

To learn more about the best veggies to beat bloating over 40, we spoke to dietitian Johanna Angman and nutritionist Lisa Richards, creator of The Candida Diet. 

They told us that cucumber, fennel, and ginger are three ingredients you should be adding to your plate to soothe your stomach!


Water retention is one major cause of bloating in the stomach. Luckily, Richards and Angman say hat cucumber is one great vegetable to help with the issue. 

“Cucumbers are rich in specific nutrients that help eliminate water retention, inflammation, and ultimately bloat,” Richards explains. 

“The amount of water they provide can also help prevent constipation as a result of poor hydration and their fiber content promotes good gut health and bowel movements.” 

Additionally, she points out that this vegetable “contains a flavonoid called quercetin which acts as an
antioxidant in the body and “reduces swelling and inflammation, much of which is responsible for bloat.” Perfect! Cucumber salad, anyone?


Fennel is another great, lesser known vegetable that can help fight chronic bloating. 

“The water contained in fennel can help push away intestinal gas,” Angman explains. 

“In addition, its seeds have chemicals such as anethole, fenchone and estragole. The compounds allow the gas in the stomach to disintegrate by relaxing intestinal muscles. 

The result is a less bloated stomach.” This vegetable is common in Mediterranean recipes. It works great in salads or roasted as a side!


Whether you consider it a vegetable or a spice, ginger is another great, anti-inflammatory ingredient that can help kick bloating to the curb. 

“Ginger reduces inflammation in the colon,” Angman tells us, explaining that “a clear colon will allow food particles to pass easily and reduce the bloat and gas.” 

This remedy is no joke; it can make a huge difference in how your stomach feels throughout the day. 

In fact, Angman says it’s “one of the oldest herbal medicines with a nice relaxing effect on the stomach.” 

You can fit it into a number of tasty recipes, and even sprinkle it into your coffee or tea in the morning for a bloat-free day.

Author: Faith Geiger

S: shefinds,com

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