Do This To Revive Sun-Fried Hair’s Body and Texture

- After months spent in the season’s harsh heat, our sun-damaged hair could use some TLC. 

Here, discover fast fixes that treat and beautify weathered strands for a fabulous head of hair as we head into fall.

Plump flat roots with cornstarch.
“The powder provides grit to help prop strands up at the root,” says celebrity hairstylist Daniel Koye. 

Plus, cornstarch absorbs moisture that can settle onto hair and make it look flat. The result? Va-va-voluminous hair.

TRY IT! Blond or gray hair? Fill an empty spice jar with cornstarch and sprinkle on the scalp. Rub in and let absorb. Brunette or black hair? Mix in ½ a tablespoon of cocoa powder for a better blend.

Boost luster with coconut milk.

Coconut’s lauric acid deeply penetrates sun-damaged hair to restore and lock in luster-enhancing moisture to dull, parched tresses, while its creamy fats increase strand shine for a youthful-looking sheen.

TRY IT! Pour ½ a cup of coconut milk all over damp hair. Let sit for 10 minutes before rinsing with shampoo.

Repair brittle locks with argan oil.

Nourishing fatty acids in argan oil hydrate, mend, and strengthen straw-like strands. Tip: Apply the oil to sun-damaged hair before going outside. 

Not only will the oil’s antioxidants ward off new UV ray damage, but the sun’s warmth will open hair’s cuticle so the oil can better absorb.

TRY IT! Rub a nickel-size amount of argan oil, like SheaMoisture 100% Pure Argan Oil onto dry or damp hair from the ears down.

Tame frizz with hand cream.

Hydrating compounds made for skin also replenish moisture to dried-out hair. This way, hair won’t seek out humidity’s frizz-inducing moisture, says Koye. Even better, the thick cream weighs down hair to reduce the “puffy” appearance.

TRY IT! Gently pat a pea-size amount of hand cream, like Good Stuff Botanicals Gypsy Cream onto hair from the ears down. Lightly apply any leftover cream onto frizz or flyways near the scalp.

Mattify oily roots with micellar water.

Used primarily to remove makeup, micellar water’s small cleansing compounds grab and whisk away excess oil on the scalp for an instantly less greasy look.

TRY IT! Soak a cotton pad with micellar water, such as Bioderma Sensibio H2O , pat onto roots, then let dry.

writter by: Lauren Stachiw


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