FairPrice sets purchase limit on Panadol, Nurofen products after sales spike for cold, flu medicines

IDEANEWSINDO.COM - Supermarket chain FairPrice has imposed a purchase limit on all Panadol and Nurofen products after a rise in sales for fever, cold and flu medicines in the past week.

Each customer may buy only up to four units of Panadol and Nurofen products in any combination, said a FairPrice spokesperson on Friday (Dec 23).

This policy was implemented from Thursday and customer notices have been put up to inform the public, the spokesperson said.

Both are popular brand names for over-the-counter painkillers; Panadol contains paracetamol while Nurofen contains ibuprofen.

The purchase limit for these drugs is "in alignment" with the Health Ministry's latest advisory to "buy in moderation", said the spokesperson. 
"Beyond this, we also offer alternative fever, flu and cold medication from comparable brands to ensure that the community has access to medicines and health-related products they need," said FairPrice.

"We urge customers to only purchase what they need for their personal use." 

The spokesperson said that sales of COVID-19 rapid antigen test kits and face masks also recorded a "marginal increase" last week.

Worried China nationals in Singapore queue to send Panadol to relatives back home
Members of the public should purchase only enough medicines for own consumption: MOH
It was reported this week that China nationals in Singapore have been sending flu medicines back home to relatives facing a surging COVID-19 outbreak amid reports of drug shortages.

Long queues have formed at courier services here, with many customers waiting long hours to send medical supplies to China.

Pharmacy Watsons also said that it has had a recent spike in demand for flu, cough and COVID-related products.

It has set a limit of six units of Panadol products per customer, a spokesperson told CNA on Wednesday.

"Watsons has been monitoring closely on the demand and distribution of these products to ensure a healthy supply of stock as much as we can, within the current challenge of global supply disruptions."

MOH has advised the public to buy medicines, particularly paediatric medication, in quantities that are sufficient only for their own consumption, in order to avoid wastage. 

The ministry has said it is closely monitoring the situation and working with retailers and retail pharmacies to ensure medicines are available to Singaporeans in need.

Source: CNA/hm(gr

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